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  25th - 26th June 2020     

About Biolytica

There is a significant change in the healthcare sector due to the growing demand for personalized healthcare services and original biologics are on the verge of losing their patent by 2020. As a result, there is a subsequent rise in demand for drug research and to develop similar biologics (biosimilars). Also shown in the report by ASSOCHAM-Sathguru, “biosimilars presents a US$240-billion global opportunity to Indian biopharmaceutical industry and the domestic market is expected to grow US$40 billion by 2030”.

To facilitate drug research and development, understanding the molecule new technologies like bioanalytical testing have been developed that has revolutionized the healthcare and biopharmaceutical industries. As per the latest report the Global Bioanalytical Testing Services Market - anticipated to mark the growth of 12.95% CAGR across the review period 2018 to 2023 to reach a valuation of USD 1867.30 million by 2023. This has intensified the demand for research & development across the pharmaceutical industry, which has proliferated the bioanalytical testing services market as well.

The high cost of bioanalytical testing has given the impetus to the outsourcing of analytical testing than in-house R&D; this has become a driving force for the market growth. The other factors that are adding numbers to the market growth are the increasing number of test techniques for better and accurate evaluation of the molecules or compounds. To get the accuracy in the drug development and validation, strict regulations are imposed by regulatory authorities that have raised the trend of outsourcing analytical testing upwards. Pertaining to this, understanding of regulation has become one of the most critical aspect of drug development and validation. However, the lack of skilled professionals in the field of bioanalytical, high rate of attrition, ambiguity in regulatory are some restraining reasons in the market growth.

Continuous Learning and Networking is essential for individual as well as business growth. Additionally, keeping the current scenario in mind, we at Informa Markets in India take your safety as our top priority.Thus, we are introducing the country’s first virtual conference in Bio Space - Biolytica, scheduled to be held on 25-26 June 2020.


Event Focus

Event Focus

Better understanding of global and Indian regulatory guidelines for bioanalytical development and validation.

Event Focus

To discuss the paradigm shift from small molecule to large molecule.

Event Focus

To address the key challenges related to characterization, validation, regulation, technological advancements

Event Focus

To bring together the key stakeholders in analytical method development, product and process characterization, validation, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) to deliberate discussion over the latest developments in bioanalytical.


Dr. Ramakrishna Melarkode

Associate VP-R&D

Dr. Maharaj Kishen Sahib

Wockhardt Ltd

Dr.Sridevi Khambhampaty

Vice President Biosimilars Product Development
Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Dr. Rajendra Burki

Associate Vice President
Biological E ltd

Dr. Disha Dadke

Vice President
Aurobindo Biologics

Dr. Fiona Greer

Biotechnology Consultant

Dr. Utpal Tatu

Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

Dr. Rajesh Medisetty

Director, Head
Analytical R&D- Biological E Ltd

Lalith Kishore

Reprocell India

Dr. Rahul Bhambure

Senior Scientist
National Chemical Laboratory

Dr. Manish Kumar

Head Bio-characterisation
Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Dr. Richard Easton

Technical Director, Structural Analysis
BioPharmaSpec Limited

Dr. Kanthikiran VS Varanasi

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Dr. Mandar V. Deshmukh

Principal Scientist & Project Leader

Dr. Ravi Krovidi

Analytical Head - Syngene
Center for Advanced Protein Studies BIRAC Fund Awardee

Dr. Pallavi Hajela

Assistant General Manager, Bioanalytical
Lambda Therapeutic Research

Dr. Christina Morris

Senior Scientist
BioPharmaSpec Limited

Dr. Ashish Pargaonkar

Center of Excellence, Bangalore – Mumbai, Agilent Technologies India

Dr. Sarfaraz K. Niazi

Founder University of Illinois and University of Houston

Dr. Narendra Chirmule

Symphonytech Biologics

Uwe Killemann

Field Marketing Manager
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Europe

Dr. Annu Uppal

Senior Scientific Affairs Manager- Global Biologics
US Pharmacopeia

Who Should Attend


  • Attend Analytical Research & Development
  • Attend Small Molecules
  • Attend Drug Development and Validation
  • Attend Large Molecules
  • Attend QA & QC Departments
  • Attend Analytical-tools
  • Attend Process and Product Characterization
  • Attend Regulations
  • Attend Enhancing Test-technologies


  • Attend R & D (analytical)
  • Attend Bioanalytical Sciences
  • Attend Product Development
  • Attend Process Development
  • Attend QA & QC
  • Attend MSAT

Benefits of Attending

Unique technical workshop by an International trainer to enhance the knowledge and upgrade the bioanalytical skills of the industry professionals

Getting an overview of the present state and future scenario of the bioanalytical sector from the Industry experts

Panel-discussion over the current challenges in bioanalytical development and validation

Be part of a major networking opportunity from Biopharma domain only

Discussing about the growth statistics and maintaining standards of CRO’s in India by the leading CRO’s representative

Understanding of regulatory authorities guidelines for the advancement and validation of bioanalytical techniques to able to avoid 483s

Scientific and strategic approaches taken for successfully development of bioanalytical techniques from the academic point of view

Who Should Partner?

Equipment Suppliers 

Contract Research Organisation

Tools & Technologies Providers

Bioanalytical Testing Laboratory

Developer, Manufacturer and Provider of High-Quality ELISA Kits

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